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Everything in this blog is based from my own opinion, work, and my experience. This site will keep on under construction (oops!) so yes like I said before, this blog is not only about beauty, but mostly about things that I love the most. It might be product, artwork, food, games, etc.

I am not a full time blogger but I do love to have a new friends, so feel free to contact or ask.

about me. 
Name : Marcia Maya
Nick : Jester Katze
Job : Animator, Graphic designer, Illustrator, and Fashion designer
Hobby : costest, gaming, and drawing

email :

Please note that english is not my mother language, so pardon my mistakes.
I'll try to put some credits to everything that is not originally by me, but please if you find that pics or vids or whatever things in my blog belongs to you, do let me know so I can put the credits under your name. :)

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